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Gene gymnastics: Synthetic biology for baculovirus expression vector system engineering.

Bioengineered.. 2013-01;  4(5)
Lakshmi S. Vijayachandran, Deepak B. Thimiri Govinda Raj, Evelina Edelweiss, Kapil Gupta, Josef Maier, Valentin Gordeliy, Daniel J. Fitzgerald, Imre Berger. European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL); Grenoble Outstation and Unit of Virus Host-Cell Interactions (UVHCI); UJF-EMBL-CNRS, UMR 5233; Grenoble, France
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Most essential activities in eukaryotic cells are catalyzed by large multiprotein assemblies containing up to ten or more interlocking subunits. The vast majority of these protein complexes are not easily accessible for high resolution studies aimed at unlocking their mechanisms, due to their low cellular abundance and high heterogeneity. Recombinant overproduction can resolve this bottleneck and baculovirus expression vector systems (BEVS) have emerged as particularly powerful tools for the provision of eukaryotic multiprotein complexes in high quality and quantity. Recently, synthetic biology approaches have begun to make their mark in improving existing BEVS reagents by de novo design of streamlined transfer... More


BEVS; MultiBac; OmniBac; baculovirus; comparative genome analysis; multiprotein complexes; recombinant protein production.