GenScript's single chain variable fragment (ScFv) generation service includes fully custom ScFv generation in both mouse and rabbit. The service itself combines GenScript's highly trusted hybridoma technology with our top notch antibody sequencing and recombinant antibody expression platforms to generate high specificity ScFvs. Our ScFv generation service also includes immunization with a variety of antigens as well as multiple delivery options to ensure high quality performance in any and all applications!

Fastest Turn around Time in the Industry

Hybridoma Based Rabbit

Combining Hybridoma and Recombinant Technology

High Capacity to Handle Any Recombinant Antibody Project

Multiple Delivery Methods

Delivery of ScFv Sequence, Plasmid, and Purified ScFv

Cost Effective Option for your Investment

Tailored Antigen Generation

Choose from Protein or DNA Immunization with Over Expressing Cell Line

Antibody Generation at its Best

Learn why hybridoma technology is preferred for high quality antibody generation, and see how it compares to other antibody generation methods!

Overview of GenScript's ScFv Packages

Species Immunogen QC TAT Deliverables
Rabbit (2-4) Protein (GenScript Generated or Customer Provided) ELISA 4-5 Months
  • ScFv Sequence
  • ScFv Cloning Plasmid
  • Purified ScFv
Mouse (5) Protein (GenScript Generated or Customer Provided) ELISA 3-5 Months
  • ScFv Sequence
  • ScFv Cloning Plasmid
  • Hyrbidoma Cell lines and Supernatants
Mouse (10) Protein (GenScript Generated or Customer Provided) ELISA & FACS 4-6 Months
Mouse (10) DNA (Sequence Provided by Customer) & Overexpression Cell Line (Provided by Customer) FACS 5-7 Months

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