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Alternative splicing is one of the most significant components of the functional complexity of genome. Alternative splicing (AS) allows a single pre-mRNA to be processed into different transcript isoforms within a cell. Each incident of AS can lead to a different protein form with a different function. Humans use an estimated 100,000 different proteins, maybe more, so some genes must be capable of coding for a lot more than just one protein. However, there are many problems in the process of synthesizing spliced variants: (i) alternative splicing occurs more frequently than was previously thought and can be hard to control; (ii) genes may produce tens of thousands of different transcripts, necessitating a new gene model for each alternative splice; (iii) global SNP(Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)discovery is limited by the amount of available funding.

Our Solution

High-output experimental verification of alternative splice forms, functional characterization, and regulation of alternative splicing are key for current protein research. GenScript specializes in the synthesis of alternative splicing genes and can provide you with your desired splicing variants via gene synthesis.

Our Advantages

Let GenScript's vast experience in variant splicing, SNP synthesis and custom gene synthesis accelerate your research by providing you with high-performance splicing variants specifically optimized for your needs.

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