Combining our rich experience in molecular biology and cell system engineering, GenScript has established the TurboCHO™ High Performance platform to enable kilogram level production within a short timeframe. We could reach the typical titer for mAbs up to 2.5 g/L and accept a range of purified antibody products (e.g., IgGs, Fab, scFv, VHH, bi-specific antibodies, and more) in quantities (i.e., from 500 mg to kilogram). This newly upgraded production could support various applications, including functional, structural, and therapeutic studies. In addition, the high performance projects will rely on the same expression system for the best consistency and minimal surprises during downstream steps.

turbocho express platform workflow

Service Highlights

Higher Yield

Higher Yield

Reach up to 2.5 g/L expression titer

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

24h PhD level support

Validated Consistency

Validated Consistency

Scale-up in the same CHO cell line

Service Specifications

Perspective Description
Targeting Amount (mAb)
  • 500 mg to Kilograms
  • Other amounts upon request
Turnaround Time
  • As short as 6 weeks
Target Types
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Antibody formats including full length antibody, Fabs, scFvs, VHHs, or other fragments fused with Fc
  • Protein: Purity ≥90%
  • Antibody: Purity ≥95%
  • Con. ≥1.0mg/mL
  • Endotoxin level: ≤1EU/mg
Additional Services
  • ELISA, Cell based assay, FACS screening, Octet® BLI assay, Biacore™ SPR assay, etc.

Note: This customized solution applies to all types of proteins, antibody species, isotypes, and fragments.
1. All incoming projects are subjected to evaluation.
2. Optional steps are offered with an extra charge upon request.
3. Pilot expression evaluation can be requested.

Case Studies

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