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Webinars » Oligo pools: design, synthesis, and research applications

Oligo pools: design, synthesis, and research applications

The ability to synthesize a large number of oligonucleotides simultaneously has greatly advanced scientific research, diagnostic development, and drug discovery. Oligo pools, a diverse collection of oligonucleotides, allow the precise design and synthesis of thousands of user-defined sequences in parallel that can be utilized in high-throughput screening experiments for identification of novel gene mutations, optimization of protein structure and function, or for drug discovery.

In this webinar, we have covered:

  • An overview of oligo pools, focusing on synthesis technology.
  • The key features and advantages of oligo pools.
  • How oligo pools can apply to various application needs, including CRISPR gRNA libraries, variant libraries, and NGS target enrichment.

Speaker: Marcelo Caraballo, Senior Scientist, CustomArray, Inc

Speaker Bio

Mr. Marcelo Caraballo is a Senior Scientist at CustomArray, Inc located in Washington state. For the past 18 years, he has worked to research, develop and commercialize novel oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry. By combining semi-conductor technology, electrochemical techniques, and traditional oligo synthesis chemistry, Mr. Caraballo has helped realize a novel in situ array-synthesis oligonucleotide synthesis platform. Along the way, he has developed a breadth of experience in both the technical aspects of oligo synthesis as well as their various applications. Mr. Caraballo holds an undergraduate degree in biology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Precise Synthetic Oligo Pool Service

Our proprietary semiconductor-based electrochemical oligo synthesis platform generates thousands of user-defined oligos simultaneously on a coverslip-sized chip, providing the most affordable, customized oligo pool available!

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  • Flexible capacity for your downstream applications
  • Top-notch sequence accuracy maximizes target specificity
  • High screening efficiency with >99% sequence coverage rate
  • Low batch variations between oligo pools

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