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2021 Webinars and Virtual Talks

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Multidimensional Approach to Decoding the Mysteries of Animal Development

12-09-2020 / Justin Crocker, Ph.D. Group Leader EMBL Heidelberg

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A general capture and purification platform for tagless proteins based on a self-cleaving split-intein tag

12-02-2020 / David Wood, Ph.D. Professor of Chemical

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Enabling Precision Engineering with Synthetic Mutant Libraries

11-11-2020 / Dr. Grant Murphy Director Protein Engineering, Merck

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CRISPR in Creating Knockin Cell Lines and Animal Models - Functionalizing Genome Editing for a Broad Range of Targets

11-03-2020 / Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, Ph.D. Director

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Twist in the tail: Regulation of BRCA1 for Replication Fork Protection

10-22-2020 / Jo Morris, Ph.D. Professor of Molecular Genetics

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Advancing genomics, medicine and health together – by semiconductor DNA synthesis technology

10-15-2020 / Josh Wang, Ph.D. R&D Sr. Scientist Genscript USA Inc.

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Antibody Engineering

TBD / Dr. Dorothea Hopfner, Univeristy Medical Center of Hamburg-Eppendorf

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Precision Mutant Libraries

TBD / Cellibre Jassen of Johnson & Johnson GenScript

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