ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kits

ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kits are the simplified version of ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kits. The WestClear™ Nitrocellulose Membrane, ChromoSensor™ One Solution TMB Substrate and LumiSensor™ Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate are not included in the package. It is economical to choose these kits if you have surplus accessories in hand. Associated with GenScript's accessories, ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kits can perform as excellent as ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kits.

To obtain best results and reduce undesirable variations such as high background, we strongly recommend that the following reagents be used with ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kit:

Key Features

  • Easy to perform: Fewer steps mean fewer chances for human error.
  • High sensitivity: The sensitivity is comparable to or even better better than that of the classical 4.5-hour procedure, depending on the quality and amount of antibodies used.
  • Reproducible results: The kit produces highly reproducible results.
  • Far less optimization than the classical three-step method.
  • Secondary antibody is included.


  • Protein/antigen detection
  • Evaluation of protein expression
  • Antibody/antigen titration
  • Analysis and comparison of primary antibody activity levels

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Name Size Price Quantity Technical Manual
L00204 ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kit (Rabbit) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $60.00
ONE-HOUR Western  Basic Kit
L00205 ONE-HOUR Western™ Basic Kit (Mouse) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $60.00