The cPass™ technology allows for the rapid detection of total neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) in a sample by mimicking the interaction between the virus and the host cell. In order for a virus to infect a host cell, a viral receptor binding protein (RBD) first needs to interact with the host cell's membrane receptor protein (ACE2). As recent developments in gene and cell editing continues to advance medicine and drug discovery, the demand for highly customizable, quality assured, full-service providers have mounted. GenScript is proud to work alongside scientists worldwide to bring these tailor-made solutions to you. With our proven track record, experienced scientists and project management teams and extensive portfolios, GenScript promises top notch services for the most urgent medical and scientific breakthrough.

icon Gene Engineering icon Gene Engineering

Gene Engineering

Gene engineering works by altering the patients’ genetic material to treat or cure the disease

icon Cell Engineering icon Cell Engineering

Cell Engineering

Cell engineering aims to treat or prevent diseases by selecting, manipulating, propagating and ultimately reintroducing cells back into the patient’s body.

  • Target Identification

  • Lead Validation

  • AntigensPre-clinical Studies

High-throughput Screens

Automated evaluation of large libraries against selected and specific targets to understand their effect on the biological system of interest and accelerate drug discovery.

Tailor-made mutant libraries for precision engineering

Dr. Maung Nyan Win
Sr. Application Scientist GenScript

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CRISPR in Creating Knockin Cell Lines and Animal Models - Functionalizing Genome Editing for a Broad Range of Targets

Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, PhD
Director, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Effective gene editing using the CRISPR RNP system:higher editing efficiency, lower off-target effects, and minimal cytotoxicity

Chon, Ph.D
Field Application Scientist Genscript USA Inc.

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Functional Assays

Systematic experiments designed to quantify and qualify the role of molecules of interest in a pathway or biological process.

Unleash the power of NGS target enrichment by semiconductor

Wang, Ph.D.
R&D Sr. Scientist Genscript USA Inc.

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Building DNA Libraries to Explore the Combinatorial Design Space

Yifan Li
Senior scientist at GenScript USA Inc

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  • Target Identification

  • Lead Validation

  • Pre-clinical Studies

CAR and Antibody Discovery

Identification of epitopes and sequences targeting specific antigens to cause disease modulating effects.

Reprogramming Human T Cells with CRISPR

Alexander Marson, MD, PhD
Director, Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology

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Genetic engineering approaches to support clinical applications of T-cell receptor libraries targeting oncogenic mutations

Gal Cafri, PhD
Immunotherapy and Genetic Engineering Group Leader, Sheba Medical Center

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Immune Cell Profiling

Systematic characterization of molecular markers in immune cells involved in a particular pathway or biological process.

TCR targets validation through T cell activation

Anna Pasetto, PhD, Assistant Professor
Managing director of pre-GMP facility
Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

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Identification and Characterization of a Novel Biomarker for Cancer Therapy

Joshua Burgess, PhD
Advance Queensland Early Career Research Fellow of Translational Research Institute, Queensland University of Technology

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Reliable Services & Products to Make Research Easy

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Highly customizable gene, plasmid prep and mutant library solutions for therapeutic target expression engineering

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Peptide Synthesis

Advanced technology and comprehensive services for T cell activation, immune profiling, cancer immunotherapy

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Protein & Antibody Production

A wide range of expression systems that enable CAR/TCR expression

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Custom Antibody Discovery

Full spectrum of Custom Antibody Discovery Service for profiling and activation of immune cells, lead identification and optimization

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

CRISPR Services

CRISPR gRNA/Cas9 and HDR donor solutions for precise and efficient genome editing

Molecular Biology & Mutant Library

Viral Vector Packaging

From gene to viral packaging to support knockout screens and viral-based cell engineering

Curated Resources for Advance Learning


Cell and Gene Therapy Handbook

One stop solution to accelerate cell and gene therapy research.

Learn More
Gene Synthesis Handbook
Gene Synthesis Handbook Gene Synthesis Handbook

Gene synthesis is a timely and cost-effective solution to traditional To help researchers learn more about gene synthesis, GenScript has prepared a handbook as a free educational guide to the technology.

Download our Gene Synthesis Handbook and explore our resource links to accelerate your research.

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CRISPR Handbook
CRISPR Handbook CRISPR Handbook

The CRISPR Handbook – Enabling Genome Editing and Transforming Life Science Research is GenScript's comprehensive guide to the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing revolution. This new resource includes:

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Gene Synthesis Handbook
Molecular Cloning Handbook Molecular Cloning Handbook

Struggling to clone your gene of interest or wasting precious time troubleshooting procedures? Our Molecular Cloning Handbook will take you through the past, present, and future of molecular cloning and includes a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Download it today!

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Case Studies

High-Yield KI for Cell Therapy
High-Yield KI for Cell Therapy

Long hybrid ssDNA HDR templates enable high yield non-viral cell therapy manufacturing

In collaboration with the Marson lab at the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology

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ssDNA HDR Templates for T Cell Engineering
ssDNA HDR Templates for T Cell Engineering

High Gene Knock-in Efficiency and Reduced off Target Integration with Single-Stranded DNA HDR Template

In collaboration with the Marson lab at the Gladstone UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology

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