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eStain L1 Protein Staining Device

eStain L1 is a highly efficient protein PAGE gel staining system, which uses Coomassie Brilliant Blue and a patented protein staining technology developed by Genscript. eStain L1 staining system integrates the traditional three steps of fixing- staining-destaining into one step and can stain/destain two protein PAGE gels simultaneously in 10 minutes or less.
eStain L1 protein PAGE gel staining system consists of two parts, one is the eStain L1 protein staining instrument, and the other is the eStain L1 protein staining kit which includes the consumables required for the staining/destaining. After electrophoresis, transfer the PAGE gel onto the gel holder following the instruction and insert the gel holder into the staining chamber. Simply press the start button to start the staining process. The instrument automatically pumps in/out the staining/destaining buffers and no additional reagents or operations are needed. eStain L1 works with all types of precast as well as homemade mini PAGE gels. Compared with the conventional staining methods, gels stained by eStain L1 have crisp blue bands with minimum or no background. eStain L1 also offers superior sensitivity compared to conventional methods and can detect as low as 12.5 ng of protein.

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