Lentivirus vectors are frequently used in gene function studies for their efficient transfer and stable, long-term expression of transgenes. Despite this system's robust gene delivery performance, lentivirus packaging plays a critical role, ultimately shaping the success of gene and cell therapy applications.

GenScript’s new lentivirus packaging handbook provides an overview of the lentivirus packaging platform, guiding you on how to perform lentivirus packaging experiments efficiently.

In this handbook you will find

Lentiviral Packaging Handbook
  • Introduction of lentivirus and its applications
  • Lentivirus packaging technical guidance

    • Calculation method for lentivirus quantity
    • Guide to optimal antibiotic concentration screening
    • Methods for lentivirus titer detection
    • Techniques to infect target cells with lentivirus
  • Troubleshooting for commonly asked questions

If you are interested in Lentivirus packaging, please visit Research Grade Lentiviral Vector Packaging for detailed information.

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