Lentiviral vectors represent a new vector system that can achieve permanent integration of the gene into dividing and non-dividing cells. The ability to stably integrate at random genomic positions make lentiviral vectors a unique and ideal tool for studying gene’s function in target cells or tissues.

Our optimized vector and 3rd generation lentiviral production platform can provide researchers the best titer and quality for your in vitro work.

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Superior Transduction Performance

Superior Transduction Performance

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

High Titer

High Titer

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Lentiviral Packaging Workflow

Service Specifications

Titer(IFU/mL) Volume QC Application Turnaround Time Pricing
Regular Titer(>107) 1000 µL


  • p24 ELISA
  • Mycoplasma test

Additional fee for:

  • FACS
  • Sanger Sequencing
Cell Culture 2-3 weeks Get A Quote
2000 µL
5000 µL 3-4 weeks
10000 µL
High Titer(>108) 1000 µL 2-3 weeks
2000 µL
5000 µL 3-4 weeks
10000 µL
Ultra-High(>109) 100 µL 2-3 weeks
200 µL

Note: We provide lentiviral particles at highly customizable titers and volumes. We also provide non-integrating lentivirus please email us for more information.
For GMP grade lentivirus packaging services please click here for more information.

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