Cell Engineering

Cell engineering is an important part of modern basic and translational life science research. At GenScript, we recognize that having strong cell engineering capabilities is critical in ensuring you meet your project milestones. In addition to our award winning gene synthesis services, we are proud to bring you a wide array of cell engineering platforms as well as accompanying technical expertise to help meet your project needs.

Service Highlights

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

CRISPR System License

CRISPR System License

Stable Cell Line Generation Services

Assay Cell Line Development
Assay Cell Line Development

Stable cell line for multiple bio-assay

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CRISPR Cell Line Development
CRISPR Cell Line Development

The revolution of genomic editing

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Viral Vector Packaging Services

Lentivirus Packaging Service
Lentivirus Packaging Service

The most effective gene delivery approach

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AAV Packaging Service
AAV Packaging

> 10^13 GC/mL AAV packaging

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Service Specifications

Assay Cell Line Development CRISPR Cell Line Development Lentivirus Packaging
Service Options Constitutive/Inducible Knock-in/Knock-out Highly customized
Production Time Start from 7 weeks Start from 3 weeks Start from 4 weeks
Deliverables Stable Cell Pool/Clone Stable Cell Pool/Clone Lentivirus

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