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Synonyms Human Recombinant Gα15 Stable Cell Line
Description CHO-K1/Gα15 is a CHO-K1 cell line stably expressing the Gα15 alpha subunit protein which a Gq protein. It is used as a host cell for transfection expression of Gs and Gi/o -coupled receptors, the constitutively expressed Gα15 protein in the cells allows many transfected receptors which normally stimulate/inhibit the cAMP pathway, to couple to Gq signal transduction and mobilize intracellular calcium. The cell line carries the hygromycin B resistance gene and is resistant to hygromycin B.
Culture Medium Ham's F12, 10% FBS, 100 μg/ml Hygromycin B
Freeze Medium 45% complete growth medium, 45% FBS, 10% DMSO

Storage Liquid nitrogen immediately upon delivery

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