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CHO-K1/Gα15/AMY2 Stable Cell Line

Synonyms Gene Synonyms: RAMP2+CALCR
Description Receptor activity-modifying proteins (RAMPs) are a class of protein which interact with and modulate the activities of several Class B G Protein-Coupled Receptors including the receptors for secretin, calcitonin (CT), glucagon, and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP).There are three distinct types of RAMPs, designated RAMP1, RAMP2, and RAMP3, each encoded by a separate gene. Currently the function of RAMPs is divided into 2 class activities. Association of RAMPs with either the CT or CALCR proteins forms 6 different receptors from the calcitonin receptor family. When associated with the Calcitonin receptor (CTR) or Calcitonin receptor-like (CALCRL) RAMPs can change the selectivity of the receptor for a specific hormone. In the cases of the other receptors mentioned however, there is no evidence that they can do this, but instead function to regulate trafficking of receptors from the ER / golgi to the membrane. GenScript's cloned human AMY2 (RAMP2 + CALCR)–expressing cell line is generated in the CHO-K1/Gα15 host.
Key Features Gene Synonyms: RAMP2+CALCR

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