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Daudi/PD1 Stable Cell Line

Synonyms PDCD1 ; CD279; PD-1; SLEB2; hPD-1; hPD-l; hSLE1
Description Programmed cell death protein 1, also known as PD-1 and CD279 (cluster of differentiation 279), is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PDCD1 gene. PD-1, functioning as an immune checkpoint, plays an important role in down regulating the immune system by preventing the activation of T-cells, which in turn reduces autoimmunity and promotes self-tolerance. The inhibitory effect of PD-1 is accomplished through a dual mechanism of promoting apoptosis (programmed cell death) in antigen specific T-cells in lymph nodes while simultaneously reducing apoptosis in regulatory T cells (suppressor T cells).
Species Human
Culture Medium RPMI Medium 1640, 10% FBS, 0.5 μg/ml Puromycin
Freeze Medium 95% complete growth medium, 5% DMSO

Stability 15 passages
Storage Liquid nitrogen immediately upon receiving

Binding assay or use as immunogen

  • Daudi/PD1 Stable Cell Line
  • Daudi/PD1 Stable Cell Line

    FACS analysis of human PD1 expression in Daudi cells.

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