As the world's leading biotech company, GenScript takes pride in supporting life scientists by providing high-quality services and products. Indeed, as of March 26, 2024, GenScript has been cited by 100,000 peer-reviewed papers in 1,500+ top journals, including Cell, Nature, Science, and PNAS, making GenScript a reliable strategic research partner.

You, too, can join our Scholar Club to share your scientific ideas as well as your GenScript experiences with other scientists. To join, simply cite GenScript in your publication each time you publish a research article using GenScript’s products and/or services. In return, GenScript will reward you with one $100 GenScript coupon and 1000 GS points.

After your publication is published on our website, we will send the link back to you (you can also find it in your account). By sharing the link on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter) with the "@GenScript" tag, you will be rewarded with a $10 Amazon gift card or 2,000 GS points. We are looking forward to your participation.

How Do I Join the Scholar Club?


Simply cite "GenScript" within your publication


Submit your publication through our online system and share it on social media


Receive a $100 GS coupon, 1000 GS points, and a $10 Amazon gift card!

Customer Citations

Join us in celebrating a major milestone – More than 100,000 publications citing GenScript products and services. We couldn't have done it without YOU, our amazing customers. Join the GenScript Scholar Club Program and learn more about our customer citations.

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  1. Only one $100 coupon and and 1000 GS points will be issued per citation, regardless of the number of services or products used, or the number of contributing authors.
  2. Articles approved before March 27, 2024, will not receive points rewards. Only articles submitted on or after this date will receive such rewards.
  3. Citations shared on social media must be tagged with "@GenScript" to receive a $10 Amazon gift card or 2,000 GS points. The Amazon gift card or GS points will be awarded per citation regardless of the number of times the citation was shared.
  4. Coupons can be used for any GenScript service or product. They cannot be redeemed for cash, checks, or gift cards.
  5. Coupons expire 12 months after the issue date.
  6. This program is valid for domestic (US) and international customers, excluding customers in Japan and China.
  7. Questions? Contact us via [email protected].

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