The Tool allows you to search for restriction enzymes by name, recognition sequence or overhang. Enter your sequence using single letter code nomenclature, and the tool will identify the right enzyme for the job. If the enzyme has isoschizomers (enzymes with the same recognition sequence and cut site) or neoschizomers (enzymes with the same recognition sequence but a different cut site), a list of these enzymes is provided. Select any of the listed enzymes to see further details on cut site, overhang and required incubation conditions. Once you have selected an enzyme, you can select a second enzyme and retrieve information for double digests. Choose a second enzyme from the list of enzymes with the selected level of activity, the display will show the range of buffer choices for a double digest with both selected enzymes. If no suitable enzyme with the selected co-activity is found, you can adjust the co-activity level to expand the list of enzyme choices. A red background indicates that the enzyme/buffer combination exhibits star activity.

** This tool is collected to facilitate your research. Currently GenScript does not have restriction enzymes for sale and will not be responsible for any problems caused by using this tool.

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  •  Not evaluated with Promega buffers.

Double Digest

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There are no enzymes available for a double digest that match these conditions.

Minimum % Activity in Promega Buffers:

Selected enzymes have different reaction temperatures.


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