GenSmart™ Design is a free online DNA construct design tool developed by GenScript. It aims to help researchers to simplify their plasmid design work.

GenSmart™ Design has two design modules, the Create Construct module for individual plasmid design and the Create Library module for DNA library design. The Create Construct module was geared up with annotations of commonly used functional elements, plasmid map drawing, error checking, and instant codon optimization, which makes it friendly for researchers to conduct individual plasmid design. The Create Library module can be used for batch plasmid design. Compared with traditional methods, design DNA library with GenSmart™ Design is more intuitive.

pdf icon GenSmart™ Design Patent Application

How GenSmart™ Design can help your DNA construct design

  • Massive built-in materials: 200+ commonly used commercial vectors, 2000+ commonly functional parts, and quick access to commonly used database.
  • Automatic sequence annotation.
  • Free plasmid map.
  • Error checking algorithm.
  • Seamless integration with GenSmart Codon Optimization.
  • Easy drag-n-drop operation.

Instruction video of GenSmart™ Design

Information & Technical Support

We are here to make your research easy. So feel free to contact us at [email protected] to learn more about GenSmart™ Design and how you can use it to advance your research.



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