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Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast)

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5117 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
arp8 actin-like protein Arp8 protein-coding
SPAC25B8.05 tRNA-pseudouridine synthase (predicted) protein-coding
ubp16 ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase Ubp16 protein-coding
snd1 RNA-binding protein Snd1 protein-coding
SPAC1952.17c GTPase activating protein (predicted) protein-coding
SPCC584.01c sulfite reductase NADPH flavoprotein subunit (predicted) protein-coding
gal1 galactokinase Gal1 protein-coding
tam41 mitochondrial matrix protein import protein Tam41 (predicted) protein-coding
ric1 Ypt/Rab-specific guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) subunit Ric1 protein-coding
SPBC887.17 transmembrane transporter (predicted) protein-coding
SPAP8A3.06 U2AF small subunit, U2AF-23 protein-coding
tvp23 Golgi transport protein Tvp23 (predicted) protein-coding
erg5 C-22 sterol desaturase Erg5 protein-coding
pyk1 pyruvate kinase (predicted) protein-coding
rhp23 UV excision repair protein rhp23 protein-coding
ssb2 single-stranded DNA binding protein Ssb2 protein-coding
rps2 40S ribosomal protein S2 protein-coding
SPAC1635.01 mitochondrial outer membrane voltage-dependent anion-selective channel (predicted) protein-coding
ypt3 GTPase Ypt3 protein-coding
SPAC977.08 short chain dehydrogenase (predicted) protein-coding
SPCC191.06 sequence orphan protein-coding
SPCC306.07c U3 snoRNP-associated protein Cic1/Utp30 family (predicted) protein-coding
SPCC18B5.09c sequence orphan protein-coding
coq10 mitochondrial ubiquinone binding protein Coq10 protein-coding
SPCP31B10.04 conserved fungal protein protein-coding
cbp3 ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase assembly protein Cbp3 (predicted) protein-coding
SPCC16C4.20c Ino80 complex subunit (predicted) protein-coding
SPCC24B10.03 sequence orphan protein-coding
SPCC24B10.04 sequence orphan protein-coding
wtf4 wtf element Wtf4 protein-coding
wtf8 wtf element Wtf8 protein-coding
SPCC16C4.21 dubious protein-coding
SPCC338.03c dubious protein-coding
mph1 dual specificity protein kinase Mph1 protein-coding
SPBC582.04c conserved fungal protein protein-coding
rxt2 histone deacetylase complex subunit Rxt2 protein-coding
SPBC428.12c RNA-binding protein protein-coding
pmp3 plasma membrane proteolipid Pmp3 protein-coding
air1 zinc knuckle TRAMP complex subunit Air1 protein-coding
SPBC17A3.03c phosphoprotein phosphatase (predicted) protein-coding
php4 CCAAT-binding factor complex subunit Php4 protein-coding
lsd90 Lsd90 protein protein-coding
SPBC1711.09c SNARE associated Golgi protein (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC16H5.04 pho88 family protein (predicted) protein-coding
mbx1 MADS-box transcription factor Mbx1 protein-coding
pcf1 CAF assembly factor (CAF-1) complex large subunit Pcf1 protein-coding
ely5 nuclear pore protein Ely5 protein-coding
SPBC15D4.11c mitochondrial Mam33 family protein (predicted) protein-coding
spt7 SAGA complex bromodomain subunit Spt7 protein-coding
SPBC25H2.10c tRNA acetyltransferase (predicted) protein-coding
pop1 cullin 1 adaptor protein Pop1 protein-coding
SPBC1105.18c peptide release factor (predicted) protein-coding
mde2 Mde2 protein protein-coding
SPBC1652.01 ribosomal RNA processing element (RRPE)-binding protein protein-coding
SPBPB2B2.05 peptidase family C26 protein protein-coding
gar1 snoRNP pseudouridylase box H/ACA snoRNP complex protein Gar1 protein-coding
dpb4 DNA polymerase epsilon subunit Dpb4 protein-coding
SPBC31F10.10c zf-MYND type zinc finger protein protein-coding
spo2 sporulation specific protein Spo2 protein-coding
SPBC1E8.02 ubiquitin family protein (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC1E8.05 conserved fungal protein protein-coding
SPBC20F10.08c conserved eukaryotic protein protein-coding
ppr7 mitochondrial PPR repeat protein Ppr7 protein-coding
SPBC16A3.16 mitochondrial inner membrane protein involved in cytochrome c oxidase assembly Pet191 (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC16E9.02c CUE domain protein protein-coding
coa1 cytochrome oxidase complex assembly protein coa1 protein-coding
SPBC27B12.07 conserved fungal protein protein-coding
SPBC16E9.15 heat shock factor binding protein (predicted) protein-coding
mde4 monopolin-like complex subunit Mde4 protein-coding
mrpl3 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L3 (predicted) protein-coding
isa2 iron-sulfur protein Isa2 protein-coding
mrm2 mitochondrial 2' O-ribose methyltransferase Mrm2 (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC16H5.13 WD repeat protein, human WDR7 ortholog protein-coding
mei3 meiosis inducing protein Mei3 protein-coding
ppk25 serine/threonine protein kinase Ppk25 (predicted) protein-coding
atp14 F1-ATPase subunit H (predicted) protein-coding
gef3 RhoGEF Gef3 protein-coding
bot1 mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit S35 protein-coding
SPBC13G1.05 ER protein folding protein (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC56F2.03 actin-like protein Arp10 (predicted) protein-coding
spo9 farnesyl pyrophosphate synthetase protein-coding
SPBC19F8.05 sequence orphan protein-coding
doa10 ER-localized ubiquitin ligase Doa10 (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC32F12.07c ubiquitin-protein ligase E3, MARCH family (predicted) protein-coding
rum1 CDK inhibitor Rum1 protein-coding
cyr1 adenylate cyclase protein-coding
elp6 elongator complex subunit Elp6 (predicted) protein-coding
acr1 upstream activation factor complex subunit Acr1 protein-coding
srp1 pre-mRNA-splicing factor srp1 protein-coding
pxl1 paxillin-like protein Pxl1 protein-coding
cmc1 mitochondrial inner membrane protein involved in cytochrome oxidase biogenesis Cmc1 (predicted) protein-coding
SPBC21D10.08c sequence orphan protein-coding
rrf1 mitochondrial translation termination factor Rrf1 protein-coding
rsc4 RSC complex subunit Rsc4 protein-coding
pop7 RNAseP RNAse MRP subunit Pop7 (predicted) protein-coding
mug45 sequence orphan protein-coding
pus2 tRNA pseudouridine synthase Pus2 (predicted) protein-coding
tfb5 transcription factor TFIIH complex subunit Tfb5 (predicted) protein-coding
pex5 peroxisomal targeting signal receptor Pex5 protein-coding
SPBC1271.07c N-acetyltransferase (predicted) protein-coding
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