GenScript siRNA Target Finder

Use this tool to identify unique candidate siRNA target sequence within cDNA sequences.
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Instructions on using this siRNA design tool:

  1. Learn about our siRNA design strategy.
  2. Specify the length, GC%, range, and sequence region for each siRNA target site. Alternatively, you may use the default settings.
  3. Specify the target mRNA nucleotide sequence by accession number or gene ID. Alternatively, you may copy/paste the cDNA sequence into the appropriate box below.
  4. Specify the organism in which the RNA interference experiment is to be conducted. This is used to filter out non-unique sequences via BLAST/SmithWaterman search.
  5. Check the box at the bottom to design multiple RT-PCR primer sets at the same time.
  6. Click "Start." Our software will find siRNA target sites based on your specifications. The candidate sequences will be filtered to remove non-unique sequences by BLAST/SmithWaterman against a unique and comprehensive EST/mRNA collection. The BLAST/SmithWaterman search may take some time, so please be patient. The ranking of siRNA candidates is based on a proprietary algorithm using ΔE parameters.