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Going out of phase: a tale of protein aggregation in neurodegeneration 

Cells can regulate gene expression at post-transcriptional levels by coordinating proteins and RNAs in specialized membraneless organelles that form via liquid-liquid phase separation, a reversible process in which macromolecules exceed their solubility.

12-16-2022 Dr. Elsa Zacco Senior Researcher Marie Skłodowska-Curie Minded Fellow RNA Central Lab, Center for Human Technology Italian Institute of Technology

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Neoantigen peptide synthesis service for precision therapeutic discovery

Learn the applications of neoantigen peptides as personalized Cancer Vaccine (PCV), solid tumor immuno-therapy, and the solutions for neoantigen production, through GenScript’s proprietary technologies, for precision immunotherapy development.

12-07-2022 Gracie Chia, Field Application Scientist, GenScript

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