A Scalable Miniature Circular dsDNA System with Applications in Gene & Cell Therapy

Plasmid is a stable and efficient vector of gene expression. Conventional plasmids usually carry at least one antibiotic resistant gene to ensure that the positive clone is facilitated in screening and genetically stable. However, when applied to therapy, plasmid DNA may be absorbed by bacteria that exist on the surface of the respiratory or digestive tract, and the antibiotic resistant gene carried on the plasmid may cause side effects such as antibiotic resistance in patients. In recent years, researchers have made lots of efforts to eliminate the antibiotic resistant genes and minimize the backbone, and multiple miniature circular dsDNA were developed. However, the reduced backbone poses challenges for the manufacture of circular dsDNA. In this presentation, we will introduce a new miniature circular dsDNA system named GenCircle dsDNA. It is free of antibiotic resistance gene, as small as ~430bp of backbone size, and with good manufacturing scalability like conventional plasmids. It eliminate risks of antibiotic resistant gene and improves the performance in T cell engineering and in vivo expression. In this presentation, we will also introduce how to design your constructs with GenCircle.

In this webinar, you will learn about

Introduce GenCircle dsDNA and describe the unique benefits (small vector size, antibiotic resistance gene free, flexible insert gene size)

Demonstrate 3 main uses and show how to design your constructs with GenCircle vector. (Gene insert template, viral packaging plasmid, GOI expression vector)

Show data comparing GenCircle dsDNA to traditional plasmid vectors

Compare GenCircle dsDNA to other GenScript HDR template formats (GenExact linear ssDNA, GenWand linear dsDNA)

In this webinar, you will learn

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Webinar Details

  • Speaker: Dr. Fan Zhou, PhD, Sr. Scientist of Molecular Biology, GenScript Biotech
  • Date: February 22nd, 2023
  • Time: 9:00AM EDT / 6:00AM PDT

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