Accelerating Lead Identification Through Paramagnetic Bead Purification Technology
— Dr. John Kawooya

High throughput purification is a critical step in antibody engineering and lead identification. Paramagnetic bead technology allows a single step purification of targets by simply adding the beads directly to whole cell cultures during the final 18-24 hours of mammalian protein expression. This eliminates the long cycle time spent in traditional purification performing sample clearance through centrifugation and filtration as well as the time-consuming capture step needed to load voluminous feedstocks on to packed protein A columns.

Here, Amgen presents one of its latest innovations in the field of antibody screening and drug discovery using a parallel HTP paramagnetic bead purification platform. The technology has been licensed to GenScript for commercialization. GenScript’s newly launched AmMag™ SA automates antibody purification using magnetic beads for lead identification. The instrument’s capabilities and specifications will be described.

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