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Webinars » Generate Highly Purified, Functional and Expandable Human T Cells/NK Cells from PBMC or Apheresis with CytoSinct™ Reagent and Platform

Generate Highly Purified, Functional and Expandable Human T Cells/NK Cells from PBMC or Apheresis with CytoSinct™ Reagent and Platform

Cell therapies are an emerging treatment option for a wide variety of diseases, including neurological, liver, heart and autoimmune diseases as well as many types of cancer. Most cell therapies involve injecting a specific cell type into a patient. Before cells are transplanted, they need to be purified to reduce the inclusion of unwanted cell types with the therapeutic cells that clinicians and researchers want to use. Some of the most common cell types used for treatment are T cells and NK cells. Therefore, their isolation is commonly performed in a wide range of laboratory settings, including for cell therapy and drug discovery research, as well as in core facilities as part of cell manufacturing and cell banking workflows. Furthermore, manufacturing high quality, consistent and effective cell therapy product depends on obtaining high-quality reagents from established manufacturing partners with supply chain security.

To assist in all these needs, GenScript has developed CytoSinct™ reagents, consumables and platform to yields functional cells with high purity, recovery, and viability. CytoSinct™ Technology for immunomagnetic cell separation enables isolation/depletion of CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cell, CD3+ T cells and NK cells from leukapheresis /PBMC samples. This platform enables researchers to scale up their operations and can be easily integrated with other instruments to perform all necessary cell processing steps including sample washing, cell labeling, magnetic separation, and cell concentration

  • Speaker: Dr. Yu Yifan, Project Manager of Cell Therapy Products, GenScript
  • Date: 13th October
  • Time: 2PM SGT
  • Time:

Speaker’s biography:

Yifan Yu received his PhD degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Florida, United States. During his Phd, his research work was focused on the modification of contact lenses to improve lubricity and using it as a novel drug delivery platform for the eye diseases. In his last stage of Phd, he joined Dr. Tanmay Lele’s lab, focusing on the quantitatively analysis of the cell nuclear migration and stalling forces and its impact for the cancer treatment. After his PhD, he joined GenScript as a Senior Scientist, and currently served as the Project Manager of the Cell Therapy Products. He is well-experienced in the cell therapy process, especially to the application of the key raw materials, including cell isolation reagents, cell activation reagents, cell isolation instrument and etc. . .

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