Automated Tools to Achieve Consistency, Reliability and Efficiency for Plasmid and Protein Purification, Western Blotting and Cell Isolation

As workflow efficiency and data reproducibility are common challenges faced by scientists for high throughput laboratories, GenScript has developed unique automation technologies to address the bottlenecks to a wide range of applications across plasmid purification, protein and antibody purification, western blotting and cell isolation. The various automation solutions will help scientists optimize their workflows and achieve data consistency and reliability using innovative AmMag™ magnetic systems, GMP grade cell isolation system and first-in-class western blotting systems.

Learn About

The bottlenecks of current solutions in the applications across plasmid purification, protein purification, western blotting and cell isolation

How GenScript automation technology overcomes the bottlenecks and optimizes performance and efficiency in laboratory workflows

Data consistency and liability of GenScript technology with case studies given

In this webinar, you will learn

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Webinar Details

  • Date: March 22nd, 2023
  • Time: 6AM PDT
  • Speaker:
Rouba Najjar Rouba Najjar, MBA

Head of Product Marketing
GenScript Product Division

Rouba Najjar is the Head of Product Marketing at GenScript Biotech. Over the last decade, Rouba has specialized in providing scientists with automated solutions that simplify research and development. Her work as Product Manager at Hamilton Robotics, Automation Team Lead at Baylor College of Medicine, and currently as the Head of Product Marketing at GenScript Biotech has been focused on providing automated solutions and enhanced tools . Passionate about providing automated alternatives that improve research outcomes, her team is generating innovative, reliable, and high quality reagents and instruments that support a wide variety of life science research and development areas.

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