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Canis lupus familiaris (dog)

Chromosome: 6

890 gene

Chromosome: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Un X Y

Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
EIF2AK1 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 alpha kinase 1 protein-coding
IQCK IQ motif containing K protein-coding
RSL1D1 ribosomal L1 domain containing 1 protein-coding
ECI1 enoyl-CoA delta isomerase 1 protein-coding
LOC608835 proline-rich protein 3-like protein-coding
UMOD uromodulin protein-coding
KCNA2 potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 2 protein-coding
LOC102151745 uncharacterized LOC102151745 protein-coding
E4F1 E4F transcription factor 1 protein-coding
LOC479821 acyl-coenzyme A synthetase ACSM4, mitochondrial-like protein-coding
AHSP alpha hemoglobin stabilizing protein protein-coding
TSC22D4 TSC22 domain family member 4 protein-coding
RPUSD1 RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 1 protein-coding
ELFN1 extracellular leucine rich repeat and fibronectin type III domain containing 1 protein-coding
MPG N-methylpurine DNA glycosylase protein-coding
RSPH10B radial spoke head 10 homolog B protein-coding
SBDS SBDS, ribosome maturation factor protein-coding
MOSPD3 motile sperm domain containing 3 protein-coding
PSMA5 proteasome subunit alpha 5 protein-coding
EPHB4 EPH receptor B4 protein-coding
NME4 NME/NM23 nucleoside diphosphate kinase 4 protein-coding
SMG1 SMG1, nonsense mediated mRNA decay associated PI3K related kinase protein-coding
LOC111096469 uncharacterized LOC111096469 protein-coding
LOC111096470 nodulation protein O-like protein-coding
LOC111096476 uncharacterized LOC111096476 protein-coding
HS3ST6 heparan sulfate-glucosamine 3-sulfotransferase 6 protein-coding
LOC111096480 uncharacterized LOC111096480 protein-coding
LOC106558951 ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator-like protein-coding
LOC106558941 testisin-like protein-coding
RNPS1 RNA binding protein with serine rich domain 1 protein-coding
SRRT serrate, RNA effector molecule protein-coding
TRIP6 thyroid hormone receptor interactor 6 protein-coding
BAIAP2L1 BAI1 associated protein 2 like 1 protein-coding
PMS2 PMS1 homolog 2, mismatch repair system component protein-coding
AIMP2 aminoacyl tRNA synthetase complex interacting multifunctional protein 2 protein-coding
LOC479758 zinc finger protein 33B-like protein-coding
SNX8 sorting nexin 8 protein-coding
UBFD1 ubiquitin family domain containing 1 protein-coding
GDE1 glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase 1 protein-coding
SLC16A4 solute carrier family 16 member 4 protein-coding
MTF2 metal response element binding transcription factor 2 protein-coding
ZNHIT6 zinc finger HIT-type containing 6 protein-coding
TTLL7 tubulin tyrosine ligase like 7 protein-coding
CTH cystathionine gamma-lyase protein-coding
RAC1 Rac family small GTPase 1 protein-coding
PAM16 presequence translocase associated motor 16 protein-coding
PARN poly(A)-specific ribonuclease protein-coding
METTL22 methyltransferase like 22 protein-coding
GPER1 G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1 protein-coding
C6H16orf58 chromosome 6 C16orf58 homolog protein-coding
LOC611675 pepsin B-like protein-coding
LHX8 LIM homeobox 8 protein-coding
RMI2 RecQ mediated genome instability 2 protein-coding
LOC612019 pancreatic alpha-amylase protein-coding
RNF151 ring finger protein 151 protein-coding
WDR77 WD repeat domain 77 protein-coding
PRSS53 serine protease 53 protein-coding
DPH5 diphthamide biosynthesis 5 protein-coding
ZRANB2 zinc finger RANBP2-type containing 2 protein-coding
MARF1 meiosis regulator and mRNA stability factor 1 protein-coding
SH2B1 SH2B adaptor protein 1 protein-coding
EXTL2 exostosin like glycosyltransferase 2 protein-coding
TNFRSF12A TNF receptor superfamily member 12A protein-coding
CCL26 C-C motif chemokine ligand 26 protein-coding
ARPC1A actin related protein 2/3 complex subunit 1A protein-coding
PDIA2 protein disulfide isomerase family A member 2 protein-coding
KDELR2 KDEL endoplasmic reticulum protein retention receptor 2 protein-coding
CEPT1 choline/ethanolamine phosphotransferase 1 protein-coding
ABAT 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase protein-coding
C6H1orf52 chromosome 6 C1orf52 homolog protein-coding
TIGD7 tigger transposable element derived 7 protein-coding
EMP2 epithelial membrane protein 2 protein-coding
ABCA4 ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 4 protein-coding
TEDC2 tubulin epsilon and delta complex 2 protein-coding
C6H7orf61 chromosome 6 C7orf61 homolog protein-coding
CNN3 calponin 3 protein-coding
LOC102152723 vegetative cell wall protein gp1-like protein-coding
SPNS1 sphingolipid transporter 1 (putative) protein-coding
SLC29A4 solute carrier family 29 member 4 protein-coding
DNTTIP2 deoxynucleotidyltransferase terminal interacting protein 2 protein-coding
ODF2L outer dense fiber of sperm tails 2 like protein-coding
GPSM2 G protein signaling modulator 2 protein-coding
LOC489812 nuclear envelope pore membrane protein POM 121C protein-coding
LOC100683001 small integral membrane protein 10-like protein 2A protein-coding
LOC102153019 uncharacterized LOC102153019 protein-coding
SYPL2 synaptophysin like 2 protein-coding
LOC102157388 ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator-like protein-coding
ZNF646 zinc finger protein 646 protein-coding
LOC100684252 FAS-associated factor 1-like protein-coding
NLRC3 NLR family CARD domain containing 3 protein-coding
SAP25 Sin3A associated protein 25 protein-coding
C6H16orf96 chromosome 6 C16orf96 homolog protein-coding
CLIP2 CAP-Gly domain containing linker protein 2 protein-coding
GALNT17 polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 17 protein-coding
RHBDD2 rhomboid domain containing 2 protein-coding
RASA4B RAS p21 protein activator 4B protein-coding
TAF6 TATA-box binding protein associated factor 6 protein-coding
LOC489851 cytochrome P450 3A12-like protein-coding
CPSF4 cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 4 protein-coding
TECPR1 tectonin beta-propeller repeat containing 1 protein-coding
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