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Canis lupus familiaris (dog)

Chromosome: 33

217 gene

Chromosome: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Un X Y

Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
HSPBAP1 HSPB1 associated protein 1 protein-coding
LOC106558160 putative protein FAM172B protein-coding
OSBPL11 oxysterol binding protein like 11 protein-coding
TIGIT T cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains protein-coding
HHLA2 HERV-H LTR-associating 2 protein-coding
DZIP3 DAZ interacting zinc finger protein 3 protein-coding
SLC35A5 solute carrier family 35 member A5 protein-coding
ARL13B ADP ribosylation factor like GTPase 13B protein-coding
MYH15 myosin heavy chain 15 protein-coding
IGSF11 immunoglobulin superfamily member 11 protein-coding
MYLK myosin light chain kinase protein-coding
SLC12A8 solute carrier family 12 member 8 protein-coding
RPL24 ribosomal protein L24 protein-coding
LOC106558162 uncharacterized LOC106558162 protein-coding
NFKBIZ NFKB inhibitor zeta protein-coding
ATP6V1A ATPase H+ transporting V1 subunit A protein-coding
CPN2 carboxypeptidase N subunit 2 protein-coding
MAATS1 MYCBP associated and testis expressed 1 protein-coding
LOC102153548 mucin-5AC protein-coding
PROS1 protein S protein-coding
KPNA1 karyopherin subunit alpha 1 protein-coding
GRAMD1C GRAM domain containing 1C protein-coding
IMPG2 interphotoreceptor matrix proteoglycan 2 protein-coding
RUBCN RUN and cysteine rich domain containing beclin 1 interacting protein protein-coding
CASR calcium sensing receptor protein-coding
LOC487942 olfactory receptor 5AC1-like protein-coding
ADCY5 adenylate cyclase 5 protein-coding
NAA50 N(alpha)-acetyltransferase 50, NatE catalytic subunit protein-coding
OR5H2 olfactory receptor, family 5, subfamily H, member 2 protein-coding
SENP5 SUMO1/sentrin specific peptidase 5 protein-coding
POLQ DNA polymerase theta protein-coding
CCDC58 coiled-coil domain containing 58 protein-coding
SMCO1 single-pass membrane protein with coiled-coil domains 1 protein-coding
GABRR3 gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor rho3 subunit protein-coding
ZBED2 zinc finger BED-type containing 2 protein-coding
LOC487974 myotubularin-related protein 12-like protein-coding
LOC102151137 translation initiation factor IF-2-like protein-coding
ITGB5 integrin subunit beta 5 protein-coding
BOC BOC cell adhesion associated, oncogene regulated protein-coding
CIP2A cell proliferation regulating inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A protein-coding
LOC487977 cell surface glycoprotein CD200 receptor 1 protein-coding
LOC111093708 uncharacterized LOC111093708 protein-coding
CD80 CD80 molecule protein-coding
ILDR1 immunoglobulin like domain containing receptor 1 protein-coding
BBX BBX, HMG-box containing protein-coding
APOD apolipoprotein D protein-coding
TFG TRK-fused gene protein-coding
CFAP44 cilia and flagella associated protein 44 protein-coding
TNK2 tyrosine kinase non receptor 2 protein-coding
CCDC14 coiled-coil domain containing 14 protein-coding
TMEM45A transmembrane protein 45A protein-coding
GAP43 growth associated protein 43 protein-coding
QTRT2 queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase accessory subunit 2 protein-coding
TM4SF19 transmembrane 4 L six family member 19 protein-coding
LOC100684572 olfactory receptor 5AC1-like protein-coding
CD200 CD200 molecule protein-coding
CCDC191 coiled-coil domain containing 191 protein-coding
ZBTB11 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 11 protein-coding
TRAT1 T cell receptor associated transmembrane adaptor 1 protein-coding
XXYLT1 xyloside xylosyltransferase 1 protein-coding
NIT2 nitrilase family member 2 protein-coding
LOC106558165 basic proline-rich protein-like protein-coding
ARL6 ADP ribosylation factor like GTPase 6 protein-coding
DPPA4 developmental pluripotency associated 4 protein-coding
NSUN3 NOP2/Sun RNA methyltransferase family member 3 protein-coding
LSAMP limbic system-associated membrane protein protein-coding
LOC487951 cell cycle control protein 50C-like protein-coding
ADGRG7 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor G7 protein-coding
SENP7 SUMO1/sentrin specific peptidase 7 protein-coding
BTLA B and T lymphocyte associated protein-coding
MUC20 mucin 20, cell surface associated protein-coding
WDR53 WD repeat domain 53 protein-coding
MELTF melanotransferrin protein-coding
LRRC15 leucine rich repeat containing 15 protein-coding
CD47 CD47 molecule protein-coding
NXPE3 neurexophilin and PC-esterase domain family member 3 protein-coding
ADPRH ADP-ribosylarginine hydrolase protein-coding
CMSS1 cms1 ribosomal small subunit homolog (yeast) protein-coding
MORC1 MORC family CW-type zinc finger 1 protein-coding
SPICE1 spindle and centriole associated protein 1 protein-coding
TMEM39A transmembrane protein 39A protein-coding
DTX3L deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 3L protein-coding
DPPA2 developmental pluripotency associated 2 protein-coding
HACD2 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 2 protein-coding
PARP15 poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase family member 15 protein-coding
PARP14 poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase family member 14 protein-coding
RIOX2 ribosomal oxygenase 2 protein-coding
TOMM70 translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 70 protein-coding
ABI3BP ABI family member 3 binding protein protein-coding
MUC13 mucin 13, cell surface associated protein-coding
LMLN leishmanolysin like peptidase protein-coding
ZDHHC19 zinc finger DHHC-type containing 19 protein-coding
PAK2 p21 (RAC1) activated kinase 2 protein-coding
PLA1A phospholipase A1 member A protein-coding
USF3 upstream transcription factor family member 3 protein-coding
C33H3orf30 chromosome 33 C3orf30 homolog protein-coding
EPHA3 EPH receptor A3 protein-coding
HEG1 heart development protein with EGF like domains 1 protein-coding
RNF168 ring finger protein 168 protein-coding
ACAP2 ArfGAP with coiled-coil, ankyrin repeat and PH domains 2 protein-coding
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