This application note is a free educational and technical resource for scientists in all biomedical disciplines who use proteins or antibodies in their research.

What strategies will you learn from this application note?

Designing an expression vector

Utilizing a fusion partner

High Density Transient Expression Services

HD Transient Expression service can deliver higher yields of functional protein/rAb yields as high as 3 g/L

Recombinant Antibody Production Services

Combining our rich experience in both molecular biology and cell system engineering, GenScript has established as a world-leading expert in recombinant antibody expression.

Bacterial Expression Services

Protein production in an  E. coli  system with guaranteed protein amounts, purities as well as endotoxin levels to meet a variety of your research needs.

Insect Expression Services

Virus production and expression of recombinant proteins from baculovirus-infected insect cell in a variety of insect cell lines.

Protein Resources

Bioinformatics tools, webinars, case studies, technical resources and more.


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