Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Platforms for Accelerating Antibody Drug Discovery

Antibody drug discovery (ADD), starting from target identification & generation, lead validation & optimizations, preclinical candidate selection to clinical phases, is an arduous and challenging process. Advanced antibody discovery platforms and innovative techniques for antibody functional screening contribute to accelerating and improving the success rates in current therapeutics development. Once the drug candidate is identified, stringent efficacy and safety evaluations are essential from preclinical to clinical stage. Anti-idiotypic antibodies (Anti-ID Abs) are capable of binding to antibody drugs within biological fluids, therefore they are commonly used to validate drug efficacy through pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) kinetic assays and also used to evaluate drug safety by measuring the antibody drug immunogenicity through anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays.

With our 19 years of antibody discovery experiences, we could offer multiple advanced platforms and flexible guaranteed or customized services for anti-ID Ab development. With our core competency of one-stop solution, we could also develop ELISA kits for ADA and PK assays (with ISO13845 certified) in short turnaround time and better consistency for long-term usage.

In this webinar, you will learn about

Overview of anti-ID Ab in ADD.

Overcoming the timeline challenges in ADD with GenScript’s anti-ID ab platforms.

Elaborate our capabilities through many success case studies in current popular therapeutics such as antibody drug conjugates, scFv, VHH, bi-specific antibody and etc.

Strategies and advantages of ADA and PK ELISA kits development.

In this webinar, you will learn

Webinar Details

  • Speaker: Dr. Hui Foon Tan, PhD, Sr. Global Product Manager - Antibody, GenScript Biotech
  • Date: May 18th, 2023
  • Time: 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT

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