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About the CHEK2 gene

In response to DNA damage and replication blocks, cell cycle progression is halted through the control of critical cell cycle regulators. The protein encoded by this gene is a cell cycle checkpoint regulator and putative tumor suppressor. It contains a forkhead-associated protein interaction domain essential for activation in response to DNA damage and is rapidly phosphorylated in response to replication blocks and DNA damage. When activated, the encoded protein is known to inhibit CDC25C phosphatase, preventing entry into mitosis, and has been shown to stabilize the tumor suppressor protein p53, leading to cell cycle arrest in G1. In addition, this protein interacts with and phosphorylates BRCA1, allowing BRCA1 to restore survival after DNA damage. Mutations in this gene have been linked with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a highly penetrant familial cancer phenotype usually associated with inherited mutations in TP53. Also, mutations in this gene are thought to confer a predisposition to sarcomas, breast cancer, and brain tumors. This nuclear protein is a member of the CDS1 subfamily of serine/threonine protein kinases. Several transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Apr 2012]

Genomic context of CHEK2 gene

The human CHEK2 gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the CHEK2 gene in other species, please use the Search Tool to select your desired species. GenScript has in-stock ORF clones for mouse CHEK2, rat CHEK2, and human CHEK2, as well as on-demand CHEK2 ORF clones in 183 other species.

CHEK2 gene Genomic context

Genomic sequence of CHEK2 gene

CHEK2 gene Genomic sequence

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