Biologics drug discovery: steps to achieving an antibody drug candidate

In the past decade, drug discovery has focused on developing biologics. In particular, antibody therapeutics have been proven to be clinically effective for disease areas such as oncology and immunology. The antibody approach offers greater target specificity as well as a new way forward with previously challenging targets, such as ion channels and g-coupled protein receptors. With increased numbers of antibody drug entities entering the pipeline, antibody therapeutics will continue to dominate the drug discovery landscape. Frank Fan, GenScript's Director of Antibody and Protein Engineering will discuss the different approaches to antibody drug discovery and how these approaches can help achieve an antibody lead candidate.

Biologics drug discovery
  • Fast and professional sequencing services
  • Capability of sequencing most antibodies with customer-selected specifications
  • ISO 9001 certified, facilitating your patent application, database banking, and therapeutic antibody development
  • Multiple gene transfer methods available
  • Track record of handling difficult-to-transfect cell lines
  • Guaranteed mRNA expression
  • Multiple functional assay methods for clone validation
  • Experience in stably expressing membrane proteins
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