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BioSAXS – A method to accelerate and de-risk antimicrobial drug development

Discover new antimicrobial treatments focusing on AMPs with BioSAXS in our upcoming webinar. Dr. Kai will cover peptide synthesis, screening with spot synthesis on cellulose, and how BioSAXS can classify antimicrobials by mode of action.

03-27-2023 Dr. Kai Hilpert, Associate Professor, St George's, University of London Founder and Director, TiKa Diagnostics

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A Scalable Miniature Circular dsDNA System with Applications in Gene & Cell Therapy

Join us in our webinar to learn more how our new miniature circular dsDNA system--GenCircle dsDNA can help you eliminate risks of antibiotic resistant gene and improves the performance in T cell engineering and in vivo expression.

02-22-2023 Dr. Fan Zhou, PhD, Sr. Scientist of Molecular Biology, GenScript Biotech

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Break the Bottleneck: Automate Plasmid Maxi-prep with AmMag™ Quatro

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) is an essential component of molecular biotechnology applications. Large scale plasmid purification (maxi-prep) is labor-intensive, time consuming, and often creates a process bottleneck.

02-02-2023 Rouba Najjar, MBA Head of Product Marketing GenScript Product Division

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Going out of phase: a tale of protein aggregation in neurodegeneration 

Cells can regulate gene expression at post-transcriptional levels by coordinating proteins and RNAs in specialized membraneless organelles that form via liquid-liquid phase separation, a reversible process in which macromolecules exceed their solubility.

12-16-2022 Dr. Elsa Zacco Senior Researcher Marie Skłodowska-Curie Minded Fellow RNA Central Lab, Center for Human Technology Italian Institute of Technology

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Neoantigen peptide synthesis service for precision therapeutic discovery

Learn the applications of neoantigen peptides as personalized Cancer Vaccine (PCV), solid tumor immuno-therapy, and the solutions for neoantigen production, through GenScript’s proprietary technologies, for precision immunotherapy development.

12-07-2022 Gracie Chia, Field Application Scientist, GenScript

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Enhance Your Cell and Gene Therapy Workflow with GenScript Tools

Enhance Your Cell and Gene Therapy Workflow with GenScript Tools

11-16-2022 Yifan Yu, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Product Manager of Cell Therapy Products

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