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1. Adenine2. adenosine3. haploid set of autosomes4. mass number of an atom5. Å = Angstrom6. Ampere

A reference to the base composition of double-stranded DNA. DNA from different sources has different ratios of the A-to-T and G-to-C base pairs, e.g. DNAs isolated from organisms that live in hot springs have a higher GC content, which takes advantage of the increased thermal stability of the GC base pair. (see also Chargaff's rule). Related posts: Next Generation Sequencing

A right-handed helix; a variant of the dominant B-form of DNA in solution, in which the base pairs are tilted somewhat out of the perpendicular orientation to the axis of the helix. (see also Z-DNA) Check our news of: Next Generation Sequencing

(=atomic absorption)

Anomalously replicating consensus sequence. (see origin recognition complex (ORC))

(= atomic force microscopy (AFM))

(see antifreeze protein)

(see advanced glycation end product)

A position in a double-stranded DNA sequence that is missing an A or G base (apurinic) or a C or T base (apyrimidinic).

amplification of refractory mutation system. (see PCR amplification of specific alleles)

anomalously replicating sequence. (see origin recognition complex (ORC))

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