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Webinars » Understanding and Designing Flanking Homology DNA Assembly Experiments

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Understanding and Designing Flanking Homology DNA Assembly Experiments

Dr. Nathan Hillson will discuss methods in flanking homology DNA assembly, including Gibson, In-Fusion, and yeast TAR assembly – amongst many other related methods. Current DNA assembly methods offer many advantages over traditional (multiple cloning site, digestion/ligation) approaches, including the ability to assembly multiple fragments at once, the lack of a necessary specific restriction enzyme, and time commitment.

One part of DNA assembly is designing these experimental methods. To that end, Dr. Hillson will provide a demonstration of how to use web-based software to automate and optimize the design of protocols for these methods.

Finally, Dr. Hillson will explain how synthetic DNA fragments fit in to the DNA assembly process and how this relates to your work.

Speaker: Dr. Nathan Hillson, Director of Synthetic Biology Informatics at the Joint BioEnergy Institute
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