CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) and associated Cas9 enzyme makes gene editing both in vitro and in vivo more efficient, more accurate, and less time-consuming than other gene editing methods. The simplicity and versatility of CRISPR gene editing technology contribute to its utilization in various downstream applications, including but not limited to gene and cell therapy, cell line engineering, and animal model generation.

Through our partnership with Feng Zhang's laboratory at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard*, GenScript offers validated GMP and RUO grade Cas9, Cas12a and Cas13a nuclease products, sgRNA synthesis and HDR donor template synthesis services and resources to help with leveraging CRISPR gene editing for research and manufacturing.

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CRISPR RNP User Manual
CRISPR RNP User Manual

A guide on how to use GenScript's RNP products for targeted genome editing

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 CRISPR RNP Handbook

Enabling RNP-mediated CRISPR gene editing and transforming life science research

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Cas9 and sgRNA Protocol
Cas9 and sgRNA Protocol

Simple protocol for CRISPR gene editing using GenCrisprTM Cas9 nuclease

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GenCRISPR gRNA Design Tool
GenCRISPR gRNA Design Tool

Interactive CRISPR guide RNA design tool

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GenCRISPR Gene Editing Solutions
GenCRISPR™ Gene Editing Solutions

All solutions you need for a successful CRISPR gene editing project

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Legal Statement of GenCRISPR™ Services and Products
(Updated on April 27, 2021):

  1. GenCRISPR™ services and products are covered under US 10,946,108, US 10,930,367, US 10,781,444, US 10,711,285, US 10,577,630, US 9,840,713, US 9,822,372, US 8,999,641, US 8,993,233, US 8,945,839, US 8,932,814, US 8,906,616, US 8,895,308, US 8,889,418, US 8,889,356, US 8,871,445, US 8,865,406, US 8,795,965, US 8,771,945, US 8,697,359 and foreign equivalents and licensed from Broad Institute, Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and US 10,000,772, US 10,113,167, US 10,227,611, US 10,266,850, US 10,301,651, US 10,308,961, US 10,337,029, US 10,351,878, US 10,358,658, US 10,358,659, US 10,385,360, US 10,400,253, US 10,407,697, US 10,415,061, US 10,421,980, US 10,428,352, US 10,443,076, US 10,487,341, US 10,513,712, US 10,519,467, US 10,526,619, US 10,533,190, US 10,550,407, US 10,563,227, US 10,570,419, US 10,577,631, US 10,597,680, US 10,612,045, US 10,626,419, US 10,640,791, US 10,669,560, US 10,676,759, US 10,752,920, US 10,774,344, US 10,793,878, US 10,900,054 and foreign equivalents and licensed from ERS Genomics Limited.
  2. The products and the reagents generated from these services shall be used as tools for research purposes, and shall exclude (a) any human or clinical use, including, without limitation, any administration into humans or any diagnostic or prognostic use, (b) any human germline modification, including modifying the DNA of human embryos or human reproductive cells, (c) any in vivo veterinary or livestock use, or (d) the manufacture, distribution, importation, exportation, transportation, sale, offer for sale, marketing, promotion or other exploitation or use of, or as, a testing service, therapeutic or diagnostic for humans or animals.
  3. The purchase of the GenCRISPR™ Services and Products coveys to the purchaser the limited, non-transferable right to use the products purchased and the reagents generated from GenCRISPR™ services and any related material solely for Research Purposes only, not for any Commercial Purposes.


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