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A humanized HLA-DR4 mouse model for autoimmune myocarditis.

J Mol Cell Cardiol.. 2017-06; 
Şelli ME,Thomas AC,Wraith DC,Newby AC.
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Peptide Synthesis ... Linear peptide epitopes binding to DR4 locus with the highest affinity were predicted by the online ProPred, NetMHCII and IEDB algorithms and synthetic peptides (minimum 95% purity) were obtained from GenScript (New Jersey, USA). … Get A Quote


Myocarditis, the principal cause of dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure in young adults, is associated with autoimmunity to human cardiac α-myosin (hCAM) and the DR4 allele of human major histocompatibility II (MHCII). We developed an hCAM-induced myocarditis model in human HLA-DR4 transgenic mice that lack all mouse MHCII genes, demonstrating that immunization for 3weeks significantly increased splenic T-cell proliferative responses and titres of IgG1 and IgG2c antibodies, abolished weight gain, provoked cardiac inflammation and significantly impaired cardiac output and fractional shortening, by echocardiography, compared to adjuvant-injected mice. Neither cardiac dilatation nor fibrosis occurred at this... More


Autoimmunity; Cardiomyopathy; Heart failure; Myocarditis