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In molecular biology, truncation refers to the process of shortening a molecule or sequence by removing a portion of it. This can refer to DNA, RNA, proteins, or other biological molecules.

Truncation can occur naturally or through laboratory techniques. Natural truncation can occur through various processes, such as alternative splicing of RNA transcripts or degradation of proteins by proteases. These processes can result in removing specific domains or regions of the molecule, altering its function or activity.

In the laboratory, truncation can be used as a technique to study the function of specific domains or regions of a molecule. For example, a protein containing multiple domains can be truncated to remove one or more domains, allowing researchers to study the function of the remaining domains in isolation. Truncation can also be used to create mutant forms of a molecule with altered activity or specificity.

In DNA sequencing, truncation can occur when the sequencing reaction is terminated prematurely, resulting in a partial sequence of the DNA fragment. This can be useful for identifying the presence of specific DNA sequences or mutations, but may not provide a complete picture of the target sequence.

Truncation can also occur in >protein expression
In summary, truncation refers to the process of shortening a biological molecule by removing a portion of it. This can occur naturally or through laboratory techniques and can be used to study the function of specific domains or regions of a molecule, create mutant forms of a molecule, or aid in the purification or stabilization of a protein.

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