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Gene Services

GenScript offers highly customizable and tailor-made solutions for your research needs. Learn more about our full service portfolios by clicking on the icons below. Reach out to our Ph.D. level customer support personnel for more information today!

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Gene Synthesis

Largest gene provider in the US since 2008, trusted and loved by over 100,000 customers globally. Fun fact: GenScript synthesized >30% of all synthetic genes worldwide!

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Cloning &

Save time and energy with expression-ready 100% sequence verified gene constructs. With 150+ IP FREE vectors provided. Who knew cloning could be so easy!

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Plasmid DNA

Research, industrial, preclinical and GMP grade plasmid preps from microgram to gram quantity. 100% full insert sequence accuracy guaranteed!

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ORF cDNA Clones
& Custom Clones

Latest version of ORF clones synced with GenBank >2.4 million commercial ORF clones in 186 different species, largest commercial ORF clone database. Over 10,000 clones in default vector for next-day shipping!

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Why GenScript

Consistent, reproducible data starts with quality materials

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Gene Provider Since 2008

Largest capacity at 200 million bps/month

molecular biology service advantages

Quote Acceptance Rate

Difficult gene
prediction strategy

molecular biology service advantages

Success Rate

Delivered >>2,000,000 genes and counting

molecular biology service advantages

Technical Support

Your success is of the utmost importance to us

Tools & Resources

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GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

Just 1-click away to your optimal sequence

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GenSmart™ Instant Quote

Quote to Price in 1 min

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GenSmart™ Design

FREE DNA construct design tool to simplify your plasmid design process

Dedicated to Supporting Your Research Needs

GenScript has over 70 PhD level professionals and 24hr technical support personnel,
our experts will always be here to help you out.

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