If you've created customized plasmid vectors that you want to keep for future cloning projects, how are you protecting these valuable physical reagents and the information describing them? GenScript's VectorArk™ service offers a convenient solution: we securely store your vectors for you, making it easy to reorder clones or share them with collaborators whenever you need. This service provides superior value to researchers who routinely need new synthetic genes cloned into vectors you've already made.

VectorArk™ Service Specifications

Cat No.
Service Description
VectorArk™ Storage
5 years of free storage for any plasmid vector. Archive your vectors.
VectorArk™ Cloning
Cloning into your VectorArk™ vectors can be bundled with any gene synthesis order for just $49 and 5 business day turnaround.
Get a quote for gene synthesis with vector ark cloning.
Deposit your
vectors in VectorArk®
storage for free*
GenScript QCs and
securely stores your
Get new clones with VectorArk vectors for just $49
Whenever you need them

Note:*Vectors used in prior GenScript cloning projects are eligible for free storage for 5 years, which will automatically renew at no cost to the researcher. New vectors deposited in VectorArk™ without an order will require a one-time QC fee of $25.

Secure Vector Archiving Service

Freezers fail; post-docs leave the lab; ink rubs off of tube labels; boxes and notebooks can get misplaced. You may be counting on always having access to a vector your lab invested a lot of time and money into creating and validating, but how will you be sure you can find a high-quality aliquot when you need it months or years from now?

Whenever you ship a vector to us for custom cloning, we perform quality control by sequencing the MCS region of your vector and analyzing the restriction sites; this allows us to confirm the integrity of the reagents and the appropriateness of the cloning strategy before we start your cloning project. After delivering your final clone to you, we then securely store both the physical reagent and the relevant digital information for 5 years, free of charge to you for your convenience. If you would like to add vectors to your VectorArk™ storage without ordering cloning at the same time, there will be a $25 QC charge. GenScript is committed to protecting our customers' intellectual property; to that end, we maintain strict confidentiality regarding all reagents and project details, and upon your request we will promptly destroy all materials and information.

Cloning into Archived Vectors

Enjoy convenient, affordable cloning into your archived vectors with all future gene synthesis orders! Our VectorArk™ Cloning service can be bundled with gene synthesis for just $49 and 5 business day turnaround. VectorArk™ cloning is available with Regular (Cat No. SC1010), Fast (Cat No. SC1619), and Economy (Cat No. SC1645). Save time and money by receiving 100% sequence-verified expression-ready clones instead of having to clone synthetic genes into vectors in your own lab.

Delivery Specifications

All of GenScript's Cloning services guarantee 100% sequence fidelity and deliver everything you need to put your new constructs to work right away. Our delivery package includes the following:

4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert (1 μg for low-copy plasmid) *

Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)

Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)

Quality assurance certificate

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