protein white paper

This white paper is a technical resource for scientists who are in the antibody engineering, therapeutics, and development areas of research and are working to optimize their system.

What steps will you learn from this white paper?

  1. Choosing an expression host system
  2. Choosing between a transient vs stable expression
  3. Designing an expression vecto
  4. Choosing a transfection method for your plasmid
  5. Optimizing your cell system
  6. Choosing your purification method

4 Essential Strategies for Boosting Transient Protein Expression

This application note is a free educational and technical resource for scientists in all biomedical disciplines who use proteins or antibodies in their research.

What strategies will you learn from this application note?

  1. Designing an expression vector
  2. Increasing protein stability
  3. Utilizing a fusion partner
  4. Improving purification
  • Antigen Production: Selecting the proper antigen is one of the most critical steps in a custom antibody project. See what the major factors that dictate antigen production are.
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  • Recombinant Vaccine: A recombinant vaccine is a vaccine generated using recombinant DNA technology. But is that all? Learn about how these vaccines are produced.
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  • Target Identification: Target identification in Antibody Drug Discovery is the process of identifying the molecular target of an antibody - usually targeting cell surface molecules. See what the detailed steps are.
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  • Antibody Drug Discovery: Antibody Drug Discovery is a very large and complex subject. How much do you know? See a simplified overview.
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  • Antibody History: Did you know that the earliest reference to antibodies came from Emil von Behring and Shibasabura Kitasato in as early as 1890? Learn the history of these remarkable molecules.
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  • Antibody Basics: Humans have 5 classes of Abs - IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE and IgM. All 5 classes are secreted by activated B cells as glycoproteins. Do you know your Antibody basics?
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  • Antibody Formats: The modular domain architecture of full length IgG has been exploited to create a growing range of alternative antibody formats that spans a molecular-weight range of at least 12–150 kDa. Explore the other Ab formats.
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  • IgA Antibody: IgA antibody is the most abundant antibody class in human serum and has a unique role in mediating immunity. Learn why IgA is so important.
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  • IgM Antibody: IgM antibody characterized by the µ heavy chain, is the largest among all antibodies. It is generated as a B cell membrane bound monomer and a secreted pentamer. Learn about IgM role in disease.
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  • Lead Discovery: Hit generation, screening, lead selection, lead optimization and characterization are collectively referred to as "Lead Discovery", classified under "Late Stage Research" activities.
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  • Lead Selection: Lead selection refers to the process by which the early hits are interrogated in a vigorous, multi-step screening process to select lead molecules that meet pre-established criteria for progressing to the next stage.
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  • Candidate Selection: Clinical candidate selection is a milestone decision marking a commitment to advance a therapeutic antibody candidate into clinical trials in human patients.
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  • MBP Tag: MBP tag has been shown to enhance recombinant protein solubility. But what are the pros and cons of using the MBP tag?
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  • Microfluidics Cell Culture: Microfluidics technology is characterized by the manipulation of small volumes of fluids in channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers. See what the applications of this technology are.
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  • IgG Antibody: Human IgG antibody is a divalent antibody and the most prevalent antibody in serum. It is also at the center stage of antibody drug discovery efforts. How much do you know about this ubiquitous molecule? Test your knowledge.
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  • Bispecific Antibodies: Bispecific Antibodies (BsAbs) are antibodies that can simultaneously bind two separate and unique antigens (or different epitopes of the same antigen). They are playing an important role in cancer immunotherapy. Learn more about this remarkable new therapeutic modality.
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