As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve globally, many of us have been inevitably impacted in our daily life. At this unprecedented moment, filled with challenges and uncertainty, GenScript is firmly committed to serving our clients, the research and healthcare community, and anyone in need of us, to the best of our abilities.

Using GenScript’s exclusive High Density HD-293 mammalian expression system, we are able to produce gram level proteins, that are proven to work with clinical sample in ELISA assay!


Name Application Purity QC
S protein (RBD) His IgM/IgG kit with Anti-His antibody >90% SDS-PAGE, WB, ELISA binding against ACE2
S protein (RBD) mFc IgM/IgG kit with Anti-Mouse antibody

Gram level, ready-to-ship RBD proteins are available, talk to your account manager!

SC1394: ACE2
overexpression cell line
Cell types Deliverables TAT
Both cell pools and
single clones options are available
HEK293T 2 vials, 1x106 Cells/vial 3-4 weeks

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