High throughput (HT) gene to antibody production offers the most cost-effective option for small-scale recombinant antibodies. Empowered by GenScript’s high throughput gene synthesis platform and proprietary TurboCHO™ transient expression technology, small-scale projects, starting from customer-supplied sequences to purified products, can be completed in as short as 5 business days! A large capacity of 10,000+ targets/month facilitates accelerating therapeutic development and commercialization globally. TurboCHO™ High Throughput platform can deliver a range of purified antibody products (e.g., IgGs, Fab, scFv, VHH, bi-specific antibodies, and more) in quantities (i.e., from ug to mg). In addition to ensuring a high expression level, the automation equipment supporting our TurboCHO™ high throughput platform minimizes lot-to-lot variation.

High throughput


Fast Delivery in 5 BDs Fast Delivery in 5 BDs
Multiple Isotypes Available Multiple Isotypes Available
Large Capacity Large Capacity

General Workflow

General Workflow

Service Specifications

Perspective Description
Targeting Amount (mAb)
  • 0.1 - 5 mg
  • Other amounts upon request
Turnaround Time Starting from 5 BDs
Target Types
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Antibody formats including full length antibody, Fabs, scFvs, VHHs, or other fragments fused with Fc
  • Endotoxin control
  • LC-MS
  • Additional QC options available upon request with charge
  • 1-step purification (Protein A for antibody targets)
  • Additional purification options available upon request with charge
Additional Services ELISA, Cell based assay, FACS screening, Octet® BLI assay, Biacore™ SPR assay, etc.

1.Typically, a minimum sample size of 8 is required.
2.The 5% of the samples will be randomly selected for LC-MS and endotoxin test.
3.Please download the Quotation Form and submit your request.

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