MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

MonoRab™ Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Generation Services

MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have two major advantages over mouse mAbs, in terms of high affinity and specificity. The KD of Rabbit mAbs is typically at picomolar level, while most mouse mAbs at nanomolar or sub-nanmolar level. The highly diverse rabbit immune system enables rabbit mAbs to distinguish very similar proteins or sequences. Furthermore, the rabbit immune system is able to recognize a wider range of epitopes, novel epitopes and small epitopes, even antigens that are not immunogenic in mice. So rabbit mAbs can be a better option for your projects, such as anti-idiotype antibody development, immunohistochemistry-use antibody generation and many more applications.

Utilizing our proprietary MonoRab™ technology, GenScript provides custom rabbit mAbs service to deliver more sensitive and diversified mAbs to meet your specific requirements in antibody drug development and in vitro diagnostics. With the combination of hybridoma technology and early-stage antibody sequencing capability, we demonstrated our capability of developing rabbit mAbs against challenging targets, such as nanobodies, antibodies, membrane receptors, small molecule compounds, and antibody drug targets. GenScript's years of expertise can facilitate you in developing high quality rabbit mAbs to meet your stringent requirements in downstream applications.

Key Features of MonoRab™ Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Generation Services

Milestone Service Details Deliverables *Mid-project
Phase-specific Options
Approximate Time (weeks)
Immunogen preparation
  • Antigen production
  • KLH conjugation for peptide antigen


Starting from 2.5
Animal immunization
  • Animals: New Zealand white rabbit
  • Number of animals immunized
  • Test bleed report or 5 ml serum samples after 3rd boost
  • Modify immunization strategy.
  • Proceed with selected animals for fusion.
Cell fusion & screening
  • 1 Electro-fusion up to 150 plates (96-wells each)
  • Supernatant screening with ELISA
  • Confirmed with ELISA
  • 1st round of subcloning
  • Up to 10 parental clones selected (guarantee 5 parental clones at least)
  • Parental supernatant report or 5 mL supernatants
  • Alter screening methodology.
  • Select clones which proceed to subcloning.
Subcloning & Ab sequencing
  • Up to 5 clones selected by client
  • Subcloning & screening with ELISA
  • Ab V-region sequencing
  • mAb sequencing report
  • 5 ml supernatant for each clone
  • Continue with other services: antibody screening, Ab production, etc.
Free epitope binning
  • Up to 5 mAbs

Epitope binning report


Recombinant Ab production
  • Up to 5 clones selected by client
  • Plasmid construction & preparation
  • Ab expression & purification
  • QC with ELISA, SDS-PAGE, OD280 nm

1 mg purified Ab for each clone



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GenScript has over 12 years of experience developing customized antibodies against difficult targets. Our comprehensive polyclonal/monoclonal antibody services include production of antibodies in mouse, rat and rabbit. Some other related services include:

MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

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MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

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