Monoclonal antibodies are essential research tools known for their versatility and unmatched specificity in R&D, diagnosis, and therapeutics. Their high specificity minimizes cross-reactivity, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of experiments and diagnostics. The uniformity of monoclonal antibodies guarantees crucial reproducibility across production batches, vital in scientific and clinical applications. Researchers confidently rely on them for precision, reducing background noise, and improving assay sensitivity.

GenScript offers a comprehensive custom mouse monoclonal antibody development service, including the innovative TurboMab with plasma cell enrichment technology, reducing turnaround time by 3 weeks. This service covers immunogen design, synthesis, immunization, hybridoma generation, rigorous screening, and efficient antibody production. Our fully customizable approach gives you complete project control, empowering adjustments, stage revisits, or project pauses while mitigating rigid protocol risks. Experience ultimate flexibility in mouse monoclonal antibody development with Ph.D.-level technical support.

Service Highlights

  • Shorten the TAT by 3 wks with plasma cell enrichment
  • From antigen preparation to final antibody starting from 8 wks
  • Accept diverse antigen formats (Peptide, protein, DNA, cell line, VLP, mRNA, etc.)
  • Maximize chances of finding a high-quality mAb for specific research application through large B cell repertoire
  • Increased monoclonality with shorter TAT & higher sequencing success rate
  • Larger number of positive clones for better achievement rate



Service Detail

TurboMab platform TAT Deliverables
Phase I
Immunogen preparation
  • Customer-provided protein/peptide antigen
  • GenScript generated protein/peptide: antigen synthesis and conjugation
  • Other antigen type*
  • ImmunoPlus™: to break the immune tolerance (Homology > 90%, optional)
1~2 /
Phase II
Animal Immunization
  • Immunization options:
    • Option 1: Conventional immunization protocol
    • Option 2: MonoExpress™ fast immunization protocol
  • Conventional: starts from 6 wks
  • MonoExpress™: ~2 wks
  • Deliver post-immune test samples for conventional immunization
Silver Diamond
Phase III
Positive B cell enrichment, cell fusion & screening
  • Plasma cell enrichment and cell fusion up to 10 plates
  • Plasma cells enrichment and cell fusion with up to 30 plates
  • 1~2 (Report only)
  • 2~3 (Report and supernatant)
  • Silver: Reports for up to 20 immunogen positive clones or with immunogen positive supernatant clones (2ml/clone)
  • Diamond: Reports for up to 100 immunogen positive clones or with 20 immunogen positive supernatant clones (2ml/clone)
Counter screening if required / /
Phase IV
Sequencing & Antibody production
  • Option 1: Antibody sequencing and validation for up to 5 clones
/ 3~4
  • Antibody sequencing reports and up to 5 purified Ab (for silver package only)
  • Option 2: Antibody sequencing for variable region (NGS) + Gene synthesis & recombinant supernatant
  • Antibody sequencing reports & 0.5ml recombinant supernatant/clone (for silver or diamond package)
Phase V
Ab Production
  • Recombinant Ab production & Ab purification
  • Purified Abs, recombination positive rate not guaranteed
Total Starts from 8 wks -

*Immunogen type: protein, peptides, small molecules, DNA, mRNA, virus-like particles, cell lines and etc.

Case Studies



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