GenScript's Plasmid DNA Preparation Service is accommodating to both small research labs as well as large-scale manufacturing biotech and pharmaceutical companies, providing you with high quality plasmids with 100% full insert sequence accuracy. Choose from a variety of our packages to help you achieve highly efficient cell transfection, and to support your DNA vaccine development, antibody production, and other preclinical research projects. Request a quote now for New plasmids to be synthesized, or Re-prep of previously synthesized plasmid.

Grades and Applications

With close to 20 years of CRO experience, GenScript truly understands your needs. From transformation to extraction, we have developed a robust protocol with years of process optimization to provide you top-notch quality plasmid preps with fully customizable services.

research grade icon

Research Grade

Research grade plasmid DNA supports preps for cloning, mutagenesis and transformation. From microgram- to gram-scale with reliable quality and fast turnaround time to accommodate tight deadlines.
industrial grade icon

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade Plasmid DNA to deliver highly efficient cell transfection with highly homogenous (≥90±10% supercoiled) plasmids. 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed!

pre clinical grade icon

Pre-clinical Grade

Preclinical grade plasmid DNA with the most comprehensive and stringent quality specifications. Highly scalable from 10mg and up. Enjoy customizable options like animal-free production, AAV-ITR service and add-on QC options.

Research Grade Industrial Grade HT Grade Pre-clinical Grade
Price From $39 From $99 From $29 From $1199
Volume 100 µg-2 g 100 µg-2 g 10 µg-30 µg 10 mg-2 g
Turnaround Time From 2BD (bundled) From 8BD
(stand alone)
From 2BD (bundled) From 8BD
(stand alone)
From 2BD (bundled) From 9BD
(stand alone)
From 2BD (bundled) From 9BD
(stand alone)
Homogeneity Predominantly supercoiled ≥90±10% supercoiled ≥90±10% supercoiled ≥90% supercoiled
Endotoxin - Quantitative LAL assay
<0.01 EU/µg
Quantitative LAL assay
<0.1 EU/µg
Quantitative LAL assay
≤0.01 EU/µg
≤0.005 EU/µg
Residual RNA Not visible on agarose gel
E.coli Genomic DNA < 15% by agarose gel electrophoresis ≤ 5% by qPCR
Residual Host Protein - HCP ELISA ≤1%
Bio-Burden Test - No viable microorganisms in /on culture media
Animal-free Production* Available with additional charge
Enzyme Free Production - Available with additional charge
Advanced Endotoxin Removal <0.005 EU/µg - Available with additional charge
Mycoplasma Contamination - Available with additional charge
Material Archiving - Available with additional charge
Appearance Colorless, clear, free of precipitate or foreign particles
A260:280 1.8 - 2.0
pH - 8.0 ± 0.5 (in TE buffer)
7.4 ± 0.5 (in PBS buffer)
(5-7) ± 0.5 (in ddH2O buffer)
Restriction Analysis DNA bands with expected sizes detected by agarose gel electrophoresis

Note: *:For research, industrial and HT grade plasmid preps: Since densitometry is semi quantitative, the genomic DNA is considered nonvisible if the comparative intensity of genomic DNA < 15% of plasmid band. Quantitative genomic DNA measurement by qPCR is available with additional charges.
**: Sequence verification of the full gene insert only applies when bundled with gene synthesis (an insert to be cloned into a plasmid).
***: Percentage of supercoiled plasmid may vary when analyzing with different methods or can be altered due to shipping conditions.
Additional QC available upon request

Additional Resources

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Industrial Grade Plasmid Service Poster

A 100% Full Insert Sequence Accuracy, Guaranteed

Preclinical Grade Plasmids Poster

With the most comprehensive and stringent QC
Tailored for preclinical studies

GLP Plasmid Prep Services

As a leading biotech company and the largest gene synthesis supplier in the USA, GenScript has accumulated a wealth of experience in GLP-level plasmid preparation.
We are happy to offer GLP plasmid prep services to provide you with ultra transparent documentation system and communication.

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Final Report

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Data Archive



University of Pittsburgh Dr. Melissa A. Melan

University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center,

We used GenScript's plasmid preparation service to prepare large quantities of plasmids that contain our Southern blot probe fragments. This saved our lab considerable time and expense. From the initial order to service delivery, GenScript provided our lab with timely follow-ups and valuable advice. We now have an adequate supply of these probes with no need to grow bacterial cultures every time a new probe is required. Thank you, GenScript!

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