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New Services & Products
Homo sapiens (human) Genes
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Mus musculus (house mouse) Genes
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Gene Services
Gene Synthesis
GenPlus™ Next-Gen HT & Economy Gene Synthesis
Express Gene Synthesis
GenCRISPR gRNA constructs
GenEZ™ Molecular Cloning
Gene Variant Libraries
Plasmid DNA Preparation
RNAi and KI/KO Vector Construction
DNA/RNA Oligos
DNA Sequencing
Cell Line Services
CellPower™ Stable Cell Line Service for Assay Development
  Custom Stable Cell Line for Assay Development
Stable Cell Line Services for Protein & mAb Productions
GenCRISPR™ gene editing service
  GenCRISPR™ Resource
Discovery Biology
Antibody and Protein Engineering
In-vitro Pharmacology
  ADCC&CDC Assays
CellPower™ Stable Cell Line Service for Assay Development
GenCRISPR™ Gene Editing Service
GPCR Target Solutions
Ion Channel Target Solutions
Protease Target Solutions
Tumor Cell Line Profiling
Epigenetic Screening and Profiling
In-vivo Pharmacology
  Biomarker & Bioanalysis
In-vivo Drug Efficacy Evaluation
Pharmacokinetic Study
Toxicity Assessment
New Services

Antibody Drug Development
  Antibody Sequencing Services
Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services
Premium hybridoma development service
Antibody Humanization Service
Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody Service
Protein Services
Bacterial Expression
  Guaranteed Bacterial Expression Packages
BacPower™ Customized Packages
Fast gene-to-protein™
FragPower™ Guaranteed antibody fragment packages
Insect Expression
  InsectPower™ Guaranteed Package
GLP-level Baculovirus/Insect Protein Services
FragPower™ Guaranteed antibody fragment packages
Yeast Expression
Mammalian Expression
  MamPower™ Guaranteed Package
MamPower™ Guaranteed Antibody Package
Transient Protein Expression
Stable Cell Lines
Expression Optimization
Large Scale Production
Other Protein Services
Peptide Services
Peptide Synthesis
  Peptide Modifications
FlexPeptide™ Technology
Recombinant Peptide Synthesis
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
ArgonShield™ Packing Service
AccuPep+ QC Testing
Case Studies
Peptide News
Peptide Library
Peptide Array
Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis
Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis
cGMP Peptide Synthesis
Click Peptide Synthesis
Peptoid Synthesis

Antibody Services
Polyclonal Antibody Services
Monoclonal Antibody Services
Phospho-Specific Antibody Services
Scale-up Antibody Production
Specialized Antibody Services
Full anti-idiotype development services

Protein Isolation and Analysis
Protein Isolation and Purification
  Protein Purification Resins
Magnetic Beads
Protein Electrophoresis
eBlot™ Protein Transfer System
eStain® 2.0 Protein Staining System

ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels
ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels
Protein Electrophoresis Buffer

Protein Detection and Immunoassay
ELISA Detection Kits
ONE-HOUR Western™ Detection Kits
His Tagged Protein Detection & Purification
Cell Lysates
Reagents for Protein Analysis
Protein A ELISA Kit

LanPower™ TR-FRET Assays
LanPower™ TR-FRET Toolbox Reagents

PCR and Cloning
PCR Cloning Kit
siRNA Expression Vector
Cloning Vectors
THE™ Elite Antibodies
THE™ His-tag mAb
THE™ GST-tag mAb
THE™ c-Myc-tag mAb
THE™ HA-tag mAb
THE™ β-Actin mAb
THE™ α-Tubulin mAb
Epitope Tag Antibodies
IVD Antibodies
Primary Antibodies
Cytokine and Growth Factor Antibodies
Neuroscience Antibodies
Phospho-specific Antibodies
H1N1 Antibodies
Control Antibodies
GPCRs Antibodies
Cell Marker Antibodies
Stem Cell Antibodies
All Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies
Protein Detection and Immunoassay
Antibodies Pipeline Products

Endotoxin Detection & Removal System
  Endotoxin Detection
Endotoxin Removal
ToxinEraser Buffers
Catalog Peptides
β-Amyloid Peptides
Cosmetic Peptides
Hot Products

Catalog Products
Cell Apoptosis PI Kit
Caspase Colorimetric Assay Kit
Double Stain Apoptosis Kit
Mitochondrial Apoptosis Detection Kit
TUNEL Detection Kits

New Products

Catalog Proteins
Cytokines and Growth Factors
Cellular Analysis
Kina ses
Enzymes and Inhibitors
Virus Antigens
Other Catalog Proteins

Free Samples
Free Anti His Antibody
Free PCR and Cloning Analysis
Support Resources Company
Technical Support
GenScript Reward Program
Customer Service
Bioinformatics Tools
Molecular Biology Tools
Peptide Tools
Protein Tools
Cell Lysates
Reagents for Protein Analysis
Protein A ELISA Kit
Technical Resource Centers
Gene Technical Resources
Peptide Technical Resources
Protein Technical Resources
Antibody Technical Resources
Product Resources Center
Learning Center
Brochures and Catalogs
Catalog Brochure
Research Applications
Reference Databases
Citations Database
GenEZ™ Gene Database
ProtBank™ Protein Database
Bioinformatics Tools
International Shipping Charge
Open positions
Who We Are
Company Overview
Advisory Board
Our Commitment
Company Awards
What We Do
Company News
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